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Almost all pet parents in the US are familiar with Chewy and its services. Those who have a passion for pets and share it on their social media accounts can turn it into a profit and earn money from that. The Chewy affiliate program is a perfect opportunity to work with different brands and earn money through advertising.

In this article, we will show you how to apply for this program and become a Chewy influencer easily. So, if you are already active on social media and want to work with the best pet brands, don’t miss this blog. 

What Is Chewy?

As a first-time pet parent, you might face many challenges in finding the right food, tricks, and health items. Chewy is the marketplace designed for this problem and helps pet owners in the US find the items they want in a couple of minutes (whether it’s food, health care supplies, vitamins, clothing & accessories, etc) and receive them in front of your door. 

Their fast delivery, health services, 24*7 support team, and complete collection of items for every pet (cat, dog, fish, bird, horse, reptiles, farm animals, etc) made them popular. Now, they have more than 9M customers, but how did their marketing work?

What Is The Chewy Affiliate Program?

The success key behind Chewy’s popularity is of course high-quality products and services. But their marketing also helped their business grow. And now, there are more than 20k team members on Chewy. 

Their marketing is mainly through the Chewy affiliate program, where they collaborate with social media influencers and personalities. In these programs, users can share their experiences with Chewy services on their accounts and have their own affiliate code.

As an affiliate, you can work with more than 2,500 brands on this platform. 

How To Join The Chewy Affiliate Program?

Are you a pet lover or a pet influencer on at least one major social media platform? (Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook) Here is how to apply for the Chewy affiliate program. 

Step 1: Check the Chewy Affiliate Program Page

The first step of becoming a Chewy influencer is going to their website and requesting the affiliate program. 

  • Open the Chewy website on your browser and navigate to the bottom. 
  • Click on the Affiliate option.
  • Click ‘Apply to Partnerize’.
Apply To Partnerize On Chewy
Apply To Partnerize On Chewy

Step 2: Request For Chewy Partnerships

The next steps to join the Chewy referral program are straightforward, and you need to follow the on-screen instructions. 

  • First, you must choose a username, add your email address, and set a password. 
  • Next, add your country, address, and Zipcode. 
  • Finally, choose your partner type (to become a chewy ambassador, select ‘Influencer’.)
  • Then, confirm your email address. 
Signup On Chewy Affiliate Program
Signup For Chewy Affiliate Program

Step 3: What Products You Can Promote With Chewy

In Chewy partnerships, you can advertise hundreds of products from more than 2,000 brands on your social media channel. Here are the different product options you have in the Chewy affiliate program:

  • Dry and wet foods,
  • Dental, soft, and chewy treats,
  • Toys,
  • Healthcare items and vitamins,
  • Cleaning and potty,
  • Leashes, collars, and harnesses,
  • Clothing and accessories,
  • Beds.
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Step 4: Start Promoting Products

It doesn’t matter if you are an Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, or TikTok influencer. The next step in the Chewy referral program is promoting products you like on your channel. In this step, it’s important to grow your audience and create high-quality content to attract more users. 

The bigger your audience, the more customers you can attract to your Chewy ambassador program.

Step 5: Track Your Earnings

After joining the Chewy com affiliate program, you will be redirected to your dashboard, where you can view your active campaigns and the number of sales made by your followers. 

In the earnings section, you can view how much money you have made. For each sale your audience makes, you will receive a 4% commission fee. 

Ainfluencer – The Best Marketplace For Pet Influencers

As we mentioned in our Chewy affiliate program review, you can only earn a 4% commission fee for each sale using your code. But we want to introduce you to a better marketplace where you don’t only have to make money through commissions; you can earn way more through sponsorships and collaborations. 

Ainfluencer is a free influencer marketing tool that helps you find and collaborate with brands in your niche. If you are a pet, lifestyle, or pet-related influencer on Instagram and TikTok, you can find many potential collaboration opportunities on Ainfluencer.

Unlike similar platforms, you don’t need to spend money to create your influencer profile, find collaboration matches, and use Ainfluencer tools. With the help of an AI-powered search engine, you can find brands with more than 20 targeting criteria, such as niche, budget, location, hashtags, etc.

More than 500,000 influencers on Ainfluencer across different niches run campaigns and collaborations daily. So, to increase your income and earn money online, sign up on Ainfluencer for free and join this community. 


Joining the Chewy affiliate program can be a great opportunity for pet lovers and social media influencers to earn money while promoting high-quality pet products and services. With the Chewy referral program, you can collaborate with over 2,500 brands and advertise hundreds of products. 

In this article, we’ve shown you how to become a chewy influencer in five simple steps. We also introduced you to a better alternative, Ainfluencer, where you can collaborate with brands and earn so much more. 


1. Does Chewy Have An Affiliate Program?

Yes! If you are a social media influencer, you can become a content creator and join the Chewy affiliate program. You can advertise different brands and products on your channel and earn a commission fee for each sale your followers make. 

2. How Do You Get Paid By Chewy?

As we mentioned in our chewy affiliate program review, you can earn a 4% commission for each sale your followers make. Once you earn $20, you can add your card or PayPal account and withdraw your money. 

3. How To Become A Chewy Affiliate?

If you want to join this marketplace and earn money through Chewy affiliate program commission fees, follow these steps:
Check the Chewy affiliate program page,
Request for Chewy partnerships,
Choose products to promote,
Start promoting products,
Track your earnings.


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