4 Key Tips To Make Sure You Stay Ahead In Digital Advertising

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While digital advertising used to be a selective option in the past, it is now an integral part of every marketing campaign. And it shouldn’t surprise you, as many businesses have shifted to e-Commerce and started operating online. Thanks to digital advertising, companies can now perform successfully and observe a static rise of numbers related to customers, purchases, or returns.

Effortless as adopting digital advertising might seem at first, making use of it is far from elementary. Digital advertising requires plenty of attention and work, as every ad must be refined in terms of content, call to action, and other critical elements. Wonder what else you should need to know about digital advertising to make sure you have it covered? The following four tips will make you a digital advertising guru.

Keep creative components at a high level

Visuals are the first thing you want to keep impressive and professional. Properly picked colors allow you to appeal to human senses, highlight the necessary message, and make sure it stimulates people to complete a certain action. The choice of colors goes way beyond standard blue, green, yellow, or green. Take a look at сolor names and hex codes to learn how colors can influence your business and your audience. For example, the blue color urges people to make purchases and many companies use this trick.

Besides shades and colors, it’s critical to emphasize the importance of other creative elements included in ads. They can appear in various forms, like GIFs, animations, images, pictures, and videos. They all are vitally crucial in sparking people’s curiosity. 

Digital advertising in social media should be eye-catching and brief. In other words, go with visuals rather than blocks of text describing your product (leave the latter for your web page and provide the ins and outs about your product/service there).

Study the market and your competitors

Whether focusing on header bidding or A/B testing, your digital advertising strategy must always be polished. How do you achieve that? Of course, by studying the market, its peculiarities, and how it changes over time. Tracking the market will allow you to do away with outdated approaches and switch to more effective strategies without losing leads, conversions, and traffic. 

Besides, don’t forget about your rivals. Competition in digital advertising is not nearly mild these days, and it is unlikely to be gentle in the future. In fact, since launching an online business has become comparatively easy, the rivalry between brands–in the realm of digital advertising, in particular–will only become more ferocious. With that in mind, doing competitor analysis is another tip to make sure your digital advertising:

  • Fruitful
  • Multifaceted
  • Engaging
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Improve the knowledge of your audience

The importance of knowing the audience has never been as essential as it is in digital advertising. Let’s cast our minds back to when the Internet wasn’t developed. What do you see? We associate that epoch with salespeople that knew nothing about their customers but still strove to sell the product. 

And the same went for cold phone calls. Obtaining a phone number database was like a walk in the park. And companies didn’t even care to consider whether their interlocutors were interested in the product; they just wanted to sell it. While staying ahead in digital advertising is crucial, it is important to improve your knowledge of your audience. One of the best ways to do this is by using tools such as a phone number finder, which can help you identify and connect with potential customers.

With digital advertising, it’s entirely different. It is the customer that now matters the most. And without knowing who a target person is, their buying behavior and whether they can afford the product, you are unlikely to advance and reach new highs. 

Therefore, make sure you research your customers and come up with a persona – an average individual with their concerns about the product. Why might it be crucial to you? Knowing your target audience will help you find a practical approach and ensure the product aligns with people’s expectations. Plus, this knowledge will let you design a top-notch marketing campaign and appear on different channels, speaking of which.

Pay equal attention to various marketing channels

Digital advertising is always associated just with Facebook ads. And had we had to boil down the term, along with its purpose, we would have described it similarly. Yet, digital advertising is way beyond Facebook. It’s deeply entrenched in various applications, such as Twitter, Instagram, and email apps. 

Without a shadow of a doubt, Facebook ads work well on their own. And you shouldn’t really modify your strategy if you are on a restricted budget (ensure you’re updated with all the changes Facebook implements regarding advertising algorithms). But assuming you can funnel additional resources into an advertising campaign, try integrating several marketing routes.

Utilizing email advertising alongside Facebook ads is by far the most straightforward way to surpass other brands in the number of people covered by your advertising plan. Plus, considering that email marketing is predominantly inexpensive, it should tip the scales in favor of adding it to your agenda. 

Aside from emails, you can benefit from other social platforms, like those enumerated earlier. Although they might work differently from Facebook, they are still efficient, especially when incorporated.


Digital advertising is a craft you should constantly work on to get the desired outcomes. It won’t be easy, nor will you manage to create a flawless campaign. However, practice will make your advertising campaign better. Following the mentioned tips will allow you to be two steps ahead of your competitors, which will lead you to ultimate success.

Cyrus Nambakhsh

Cyrus is a serial entrepreneur, product-led-growth expert, a product visionary who launched 7 startups. He has built scalable platforms to help businesses and entrepreneurs. Contact: Cyrus@ainfluencer.com