The Ultimate Guide to Incrementality Testing in Digital Marketing for 2024

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Incrementality Testing

What do you consider the gold standard for assessing the true impact of advertising? Have you ever heard of incrementality testing? This method is essential for marketers as they plan their budgets for annual advertising. Incrementality testing enables marketers to determine if their advertising expenses are genuinely effective, ensuring their investments deliver the desired results.

Incrementality testing determines if ads genuinely increase brand awareness, sales, or engagement beyond what would happen naturally. By using this method, businesses can spend their ad budgets more wisely and achieve better results. Therefore, Mastering incrementality measurement is crucial for any marketer aiming to grow their online presence and maximize their advertising budget.

In this article, we will answer some of the most important questions about incrementality testing: What is it? How does it work? Why should you use it? And most importantly, how do you measure incrementality? Stay with us to get started!

What Is Incrementality Testing?

Looking for a way to maximize your advertising budget? Use incrementality testing, an important strategy for magnifying budget, especially for businesses aiming to grow their brand online and offline. This method is a proven brand awareness strategy that determines the true impact of brand advertising campaigns by isolating their effects. 

Put simply, incrementality testing involves comparing a control group (not exposed to ads) with a test group (exposed to ads) to calculate how much your ads contribute to key business metrics like sales, website traffic, and conversions.

Wondering how incrementality measurement helps businesses? It helps them to understand if their ads are developing additional sales, engagement, or desired actions. It also helps businesses spend money wisely, making sure each dollar helps them grow.

Importance of Incrementality Testing

The importance of incrementality testing is when you need a deeper understanding of what’s effective in your paid media campaigns to optimize your efforts and understand marketing incrementality testing.
Here are the most important reasons why your business needs to have incrementality measurement:

Importance of Incrementality Testing
Importance of Incrementality Testing
  • Determine the Best Advertising Channels: When you compare different advertising channels, you see which ones are best at getting extra results beyond what happens naturally. It helps you focus on the most effective channels for boosting outcomes with advertising.
  • Optimizing Ad Spend: Understanding the incremental impact of your ads means determining the additional benefits or outcomes directly caused by your advertising efforts. This knowledge allows you to make informed decisions on allocating your ad budget effectively and focus your efforts where they will give you the best results. 
  • Quantifying Ad Value: Incrementality testing helps you measure how much your ads contribute to important business goals. It’s valuable for proving the effectiveness of your ads to collaborators, showing them exactly how your advertising efforts drive results that matter to the business.

Different Types of Incrementality Testing

Now, let’s discuss the most important types of incrementality testing. There are several methods you can use to complete this testing, including:

Different Types of Incrementality Testing
Different Types of Incrementality Testing
  • Multi-Variate Testing: Multi-variate testing involves evaluating multiple variables simultaneously to assess their combined impact on outcomes.
  • Holdout Testing: Holdout testing divides the audience into exposed and non-exposed groups to gauge campaign impact. By comparing conversion rates between these groups, marketers decide if the campaign should continue and be refined.
  • Geo-Testing: Geo-testing assesses regional impact by exposing specific areas to a campaign while excluding others. 
  • Matched Market Testing: Matched market testing compares audience groups in similar external environments. Like holdout testing, It accounts for market conditions to separate the campaign’s impact from external influences.
  • Time-Based Testing: Time-based testing evaluates how campaign performance varies across different periods, revealing insights into seasonal, weekly, or daily influences on results.

How Can You Measure Incrementality Testing with Ease?

Why is incrementality testing essential before starting any marketing campaigns? It starts by setting clear goals and metrics upfront, coming up with ideas, and being ready for different outcomes. For example, focusing on in-app purchases instead of installs reveals how ads impact sales, showing a significant increase in purchases among test groups. 

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Some businesses use incrementality testing to improve TV ad spending efficiently, proving its role in making influencer marketing campaigns better without hurting their growth.

How Does Incrementality Testing Work?

Now that we’ve discussed everything, you might be curious about how incrementality testing functions. It works by comparing two groups: one exposed to a marketing campaign and another that is not (control group). This method checks how the campaign affects behavior or metrics by looking at differences between the groups.

The most important aspect of the incrementality testing approach is tracking how much money you make, the profit you earn, or actions that benefit your business. For example, when you have a contract with a business to promote you for a certain amount of money, the revenue you earn after the ad should double and result in more followers.

As a business owner, you might find this approach time-consuming in your pursuit of goals and may not have time for testing. In such cases, you’ll need an alternative that gives similar results more quickly than testing ads.

Who do you think has the most influence on people worldwide? Influencers today have become more famous than celebrities. They have followers everywhere who support the businesses they promote. Now imagine a platform that could facilitate collaborations with these influencers to rapidly and effectively grow your brand.

In that case, you won’t need to use incrementality testing. Why choose the hard way when there’s an easier option? You’ve probably heard of influencer marketing platforms that close deals with influencers in your niche, helping you achieve your business’s most important goal: brand growth, all with a minimal budget.

Ainfluencer: The Ultimate Influencer Marketing Platform

What could be more exciting than an alternative to incrementality testing measurements? Ainfluencer is a type of marketing software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create realistic digital personalities, known as AI influencers, which can be an effective marketing tool.

This free end-to-end marketing platform offers exactly what you need. Instead of using tests to control your budget, Ainfluencer provides a free solution.

What Sets Ainfluencer Apart?

Ainfluencer is a free end-to-end marketplace connecting businesses directly with over 2M influencers related to their niche for safe and economical collaborations. Utilizing Ainfluencer allows businesses to create content for products, raise brand awareness, drive sales, and achieve viral status on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, with the lowest budget.

Ainfluencer never costs businesses any fees or subscriptions, and it is 100% free forever. It offers:

  • Securing influencer payments in Trust/Escrow to safeguard your funds
  • Ensuring influencers comply with their commitments
  • Collecting reviews and ratings post-collaboration 
  • Tracking influencer activity

It also offers numerous effective features, including:

  • Ainfluencer is entirely free, with no hidden charges.
  • Its advanced AI engine assists users in finding influencers.
  • The platform guarantees secure transactions with safe payment methods.
  • It includes a built-in chatbox for seamless negotiations between brands and influencers.
  • Ainfluencer offers detailed performance metrics from beginning to end.
  • Payments are securely held in Ainfluencer’s account until terms are fulfilled.
  • It allows for unlimited invites and offers.
  • Gain access to a vast database of over 2 million influencers through the platform.

Sign up on Ainfluencer now before you miss out on this wonderful opportunity!


Incrementality testing is crucial for marketers to accurately measure the impact of their advertising efforts. By comparing outcomes between exposed and unexposed groups, businesses can optimize ad spend and improve decision-making for better results.


1. What Is Incrementality Testing in Marketing?

Incrementality testing is a way to measure how much a marketing campaign affects results. It helps determine if a new campaign had a good, bad, or no effect on outcomes.

2. What Are Incrementality Testing Solutions?

Incrementality testing helps demonstrate how a campaign directly affects important metrics. For example, if an e-commerce company runs a campaign, it can track clicks to measure its impact on sales.

3. What Is Incrementality Testing Software?

Incremental testing in software development means testing one part of a program at a time and then putting all the parts together. It finds problems early, makes testing simpler, and checks more parts of the program.

4. What Is the Difference between Incrementality Testing and A/B Testing?

While an A/B test compares the performance of two executed media forms, an incrementality test estimates the impact by comparing it to a scenario where the media wasn’t used.


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