TikTok Ban: Everything You Need To Know

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The TikTok ban has been a hot topic in recent years, affecting millions of users, including businesses and influencers who have incorporated the platform into their TikTok marketing strategy. A ban from TikTok can be devastating, as it not only results in the loss of followers and reduced visibility but also can harm your reputation.

So, it’s essential for users to understand the reasons for getting banned, the ways to avoid it, and the steps to take if they do get banned from this popular social media app. This article will cover everything you need to know about the TikTok ban and how to navigate it.

What is a TikTok ban?

A TikTok ban refers to a situation where a user’s account is permanently or temporarily suspended or blocked by TikTok, preventing them from accessing their profile, content, and all other features of the app. 

A TikTok ban can occur due to various reasons, and the severity and duration of the ban may vary accordingly. TikTok has strict policies to maintain a safe and positive environment for its users and takes ban decisions seriously.

Different types of TikTok ban

There are different types of TikTok bans that can be imposed on users, each type with its own specific circumstances and consequences. When getting banned by TikTok, it’s necessary to understand which type is yours before doing anything.

Here are the four types:

Different types of TikTok ban

1. Temporary ban

A temporary ban on TikTok is a suspension of a user’s account for a limited period of time, typically between 24 and 48 hours. This type of ban is typically imposed for violating the platform’s community guidelines, such as posting inappropriate or offensive content.

In this type of TikTok ban, you will get notified. You may experience a “View only” period, during which you’ll get banned from posting anything, sending messages, or engaging with other users’ content.

2. Permanent ban

A permanent ban on TikTok is a complete ban from the platform that cannot be lifted. This type of ban is typically imposed for repeated violations of the community guidelines or for severe infractions, such as cyberbullying or hate speech. 

Once your account is permanently banned, you will no longer have access to the app, and your content will be deleted. In some cases, TikTok will block your device to prevent you from creating a new account, as well.

3. Shadowban

A shadowban on TikTok is a type of ban where your content is still visible to you but is hidden from other users’ “For you” page. This type of ban can be imposed for using unauthorized third-party software or committing minor violations. 

In this type of TikTok ban, you won’t get notified, and the result is that your content will no longer be discoverable by other users, effectively making your account useless.

4. Underage ban

An underage ban on TikTok is a type of ban imposed on users below the minimum age limit set by the platform, typically 13 years old. TikTok uses various methods to detect and ban underage users, including using data from government ID systems and requiring users to provide their date of birth during the registration process. 

The purpose of the underage ban is to protect young users and ensure they are not exposed to inappropriate content.

In this type of ban, your account will be deleted after 113 days (23 days if you live in the US) unless you submit an appeal.

How to appeal an underage TikTok ban?

If you’re above 13 years old and accidentally got an underage ban, you can appeal an underage TikTok ban. 

To do this:

1- Go to the TikTok Help Center and select “Report a Policy Violation,” 

2- Choose “Underage Ban” as the issue type, and provide your TikTok username and explanation for the ban being made in error.

3- Attach any relevant supporting evidence, such as a government-issued ID proving your age. 

4- Then submit the appeal and wait for a response from TikTok’s moderation team.

How do I know if I’ve been banned on TikTok?

To determine if you have been banned on TikTok, look for the following signs:

1) You are unable to log in to your account.

2) Your profile or content is no longer visible to others. You can ask your friends to check if they can see your content.

3) You receive an error message indicating that your account has been banned when trying to access the app.

If you suspect you have been banned, you can contact TikTok support for clarification.

What will get you banned on TikTok?

As it was mentioned before, TikTok has a set of rules that users must follow in order to maintain a safe and respectful community. If you violate these rules, you may get banned from the platform. Here are the most common reasons why you may get one of the first three types of TikTok bans.

What will get you banned on TikTok

1. Sharing plagiarized content

TikTok strictly enforces its copyright policies and users who share content that is not their original work or violates someone else’s intellectual property rights risk getting banned from the platform.

2. Sharing sexual or nudity content

TikTok does not allow any type of sexually suggestive or explicit content, including nudity. Any user who violates this rule may get TikTok banned.

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3. Sharing violent content

TikTok has strict guidelines against sharing violent or brutal content, and if you share such content, you will be banned from the platform.

4. Promoting self-injury

TikTok does not permit any content that promotes or glorifies self-harm, and sharing these types of content will also result in getting banned.

5. Threatening or bullying

Bullying, harassment, and threats are also forbidden on this platform, and any user who engages in these behaviors will get a TikTok ban.

6. Promoting illegal activities

TikTok has a zero-tolerance policy towards any content that promotes or glorifies illegal activities, such as drug use or criminal behavior. Violating this rule will also cause you to get banned.

7. Sharing hateful content

TikTok does not tolerate hate speech or any other form of discrimination, and if your content is harmful, offensive, or derogatory, you may risk your presence on the platform.

8. Spamming or impersonating

And the last probable reason for getting banned on TikTok may be spamming other users or impersonating someone else on the platform.

How to not get banned on TikTok?

To avoid a TikTok ban, it is important to follow the platform’s community guidelines and terms of service. This includes refraining from posting inappropriate or offensive content, such as hate speech, harassment, sexually explicit material, and the other cases mentioned above.

Additionally, it is important to avoid spammy behavior, such as posting repetitive or misleading content or using automated means to artificially increase your following or engagement.

It is also crucial to respect other users’ privacy by not posting their personal information without their consent. Finally, be mindful of TikTok’s age restrictions and only use the platform if you are 13 years or older.

By following these guidelines and using the platform responsibly, you can help ensure that your TikTok account remains in good standing.

How long does a TikTok ban last?

As it was mentioned in the “Different types of TikTok ban” section, the length of a TikTok ban depends on the specific circumstances and the severity of the violation committed by the user.

TikTok may ban your account for a temporary period ranging from a few hours to several days, or in more serious cases, for several weeks or months. If you continue to violate the platform’s community guidelines or engage in malicious behavior, the ban may become permanent.

The type of offense and your history on the platform determines the specific duration of a ban. For example, a first-time offense of posting inappropriate content may result in a temporary ban, while repeated violations may result in a longer or permanent ban.

TikTok also takes into account the impact of the violation on the community and your overall behavior on the platform when determining the length of a ban. It is important for you to be familiar with TikTok’s policies and to use the platform in a responsible and respectful manner in order to avoid any potential bans.

How to get rid of a TikTok ban?

If you find your TikTok account getting banned due to various reasons, such as violation of community guidelines, do not worry! Here are some steps to help you get rid of your TikTok ban.

Get rid of a TikTok ban

1. Email TikTok

You can email TikTok’s support team with your account details and the reason for your ban. Provide a clear explanation of the situation and any relevant information that may help resolve the issue. Make sure to include your account username and a contact email address.

2. Make an “Appeal” through the banned account

TikTok provides an “Appeal” option within the app itself. Simply log in to your banned account and submit an appeal through the platform. You may have to provide additional information or explanations according to the type of your TikTok ban.

3. Report a problem

If you believe your ban was in error or was caused by a technical issue, you can report the problem to TikTok through the app’s support center. Provide a detailed description of the issue and any relevant screenshots or videos to support your claim.

4. Share your Feedback with TikTok

TikTok is always looking for ways to improve the platform for its users. If you have any feedback or suggestions for the company or accidentally got banned, you can share them through the app’s feedback center. Your feedback can help TikTok make changes to improve the platform and prevent similar issues in the future.


In conclusion, a TikTok ban can be a frustrating and disappointing experience for many users. However, it is essential to remember that the platform has community guidelines and policies in place to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. To avoid getting banned on TikTok, it is crucial to always follow the guidelines and use the app in a responsible and ethical manner.

If you have been banned, the best course of action is to reach out to TikTok’s support team to understand the reason and take the necessary steps to resolve the issue.


1. Why have I been banned from TikTok for no reason?

TikTok has policies in place to ensure a safe and positive user experience, and violating these policies can result in a ban. Some common reasons for being banned include posting inappropriate or offensive content, spamming, or engaging in abusive behavior toward other users. If you believe you have been banned by mistake, you may be able to appeal the decision by contacting TikTok’s support team and providing relevant information to support your case.

2. Can I use TikTok after ban?

Depending on the type of your TikTok ban, you may no longer have access to the platform. This means that you will not be able to log in to your account, post or view content, or engage with other users. Depending on the reason for your ban, it may be possible to appeal the decision or create a new account, but repeat violations can result in a permanent ban. If you are unsure why you have been banned or if you would like to dispute the ban, you can reach out to TikTok’s support team for more information.

3. Does TikTok give you a warning before banning you?

TikTok, like many social media platforms, has a policy of issuing warnings to users before banning them. The exact process for issuing warnings can vary but typically involves sending a notification to the user’s account indicating that their behavior is in violation of the platform’s community guidelines. The user may then have an opportunity to correct the behavior or face a ban if the violation continues. However, it’s important to note that the exact process and criteria for issuing warnings and bans can vary and may be subject to change.

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