OnlyFans Couples: 10 Best Creators To Check In 2024

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For those who want to view adult content from their dream girls or boys, OnlyFans is one of the most well-known social platforms to check. Some creators like to work together as a couple, and they are a popular category on OnlyFans. We have your answer if you are also obsessed with Onlyfans couples and want to check their channels. 

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best couples OnlyFans creators you can check. Couples are among the top OnlyFans creators with thousands of followers. So, let’s meet them one by one.

Top 10 OnlyFans Couples To Check

Want to know some of the best OnlyFans creators who work together and share a channel? Here are some of the famous OnlyFans couples. 

1. April and Amelia Maddison

Let’s start with two identical twins who joined OnlyFans as soon as they turned 18 and have been active for two years on the platform. The Maddison Twins is one of the sexiest Onlyfans couples. They are also famous Australian Instagram influencers with 402k followers.

Their subscription costs $24 per month, and they share everything with each other. On their OnlyFans account you can find all types of content Boy/Gir/Girl videos, costume videos, and unedited, full-naked photos and clips.

Madison Twins
Madison Twins

2. Naughty Siblings

With a minimum of 10 posts per day, Naughty Siblings is one of the most active Onlyfans couples. There are currently more than 330 videos and 9.9k posts of this hot duo, and the best part is their subscription is free. This couple is also active on different porn sites, but you can’t find their Onlyfans content elsewhere.

This couple is so in shape that they can be categorized as the best fitness creators on OnlyFans. And don’t worry about them being siblings. They are just roleplaying to spice things up.

Naughty Siblings
Naughty Siblings

3. Kevin & Celina

After being together for over four years, Kevin and Celina decided to create their Onlyfans channel and have fun with other duos. Kevin and Celina are one of the hottest OnlyFans couples, and they love to travel around the world and have sex with new people.

This couple’s content is very creative and fun. They usually work with other couples and create content together. Kein is 29, Celine is 19, and their subscription costs $10 per month.

Kevin and Celine
Kevin and Celine

4. Max & Yos

Not all the couples of OnlyFans are straight, so it’s time to check YouTube couples with OnlyFans, as Max and Yos are the most well-known ones.

This gay couple shares their daily moments on YouTube and has 1.2M subscribers. To view private videos of these gay YouTubers, you can check their OnlyFans page. Their subscription costs $10 per month, and there are 200 videos on their channel. 

Max and Yos
Max and Yos

5. Audrey and Sadie

If you love girl-on-girl content, Audrey and Sadie are one of the couples OnlyFans creators you need to check out. These sexy girls are Australian influencers with over 450k followers on their Instagram page. You can access their full-length videos on OnlyFans by paying $20 monthly.

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It’s interesting to know that OnlyFans is not the only platform for these couples. You can view their content on Fansly which is another adult content platform. Moreover, Audrey and Sadie are very active on Instagram and have more than 500K followers there.

Audrey and Sadie
Audrey and Sadie

6. Matty and Masha

One of the famous male fitness influencers who is popular in Ireland is Matty Gilbert. Matty is a fitness coach with around 200k followers on Instagram, where he posts daily workout videos.

But that’s not all; Matty and his girlfriend, Masha, are one of the best couples on OnlyFans. Their subscription costs $12 per month, and there are 60 videos and 982 photos of them on their channel. They are known as Ireland’s hottest couple on the platform and they are not exaggerating.

Matty And Masha
Matty And Masha

7. The Connell Twins

Another twin duo with one of the best couples’ OnlyFans pages is The Connell Twins. Christy and Carly are sexy sisters who have 2.3M subscribers on YouTube. They are Fashion Nova ambassadors on Instagram and advertise for this brand on their page. Their twin Instagram page has 878k followers.

They are also active on other social platforms and have one of the TikTok couples’ OnlyFans pages, where they advertise their subscription. They have 600k followers on TikTok, and their subscription is free. The Connell sisters are among the best YouTubers with OnlyFans.

8. Di and Nick

With over 20k photos and videos on their channel, Di and Nick are among the most active OnlyFans couples in 2024. These bi-sexual couples enjoy having fun moments with other girls and boys on their channel. Their subscription costs $12.5 per month.  

Di and Nick
Di and Nick

9. Leo and Lulu 

One of the OnlyFans couples with an open relationship and sharing their experience on their channel is Leo and Lulu. This sexy couple shares daily life routines and workouts on their Instagram page with 500k followers. However, you can purchase their OnlyFans subscription for exclusive content for $12 per month. They are also very active on other adult content platforms and they have won multiple awards.

Leo and Lulu
Leo and Lulu

10. Dolce Devine

Let’s finish the list of OnlyFans couples with lesbian lovers who have recently joined this platform. The Lesbianrealness channel focuses on creating lesbian content that you can’t find elsewhere. Dolce Devine loves to have fun with girls and share their videos on her channel. Her subscription costs $10 per month, and you can access 500 exclusive pieces of content. 

Dolce Divine
Dolce Divine


On OnlyFans, many creators share adult content topics. Some creators decide to join this platform with their partners, siblings, or friends. These OnlyFans couples are popular, and thousands of users subscribe to them every month. 

In this article, we’ve introduced you to some of the most popular OnlyFans couple creators. You can check their social media platforms, and if you are attracted, purchase their subscription to access their adult content.


1. How Much Do Couples Make On OnlyFans?

There are no fixed rules for the amount of money you can make on OnlyFans; it depends on the number of your subscribers. Famous couples can make $500,000 monthly, while new users struggle to make a few bucks.

2. Can Couples Make Money On OnlyFans?

OnlyFans couple creators can earn money from their channel subscription. Users who want to access their content can purchase their subscription. They can also receive tips and gifts from their subscribers.

3. How To Start OnlyFans Couples?

Like other users, couples can join OnlyFans and create an account. Then, they can create high-quality content together, offer a subscription, and talk to their followers.


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