Top 10 Midget OnlyFans Creators to Follow in 2024

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In the social media world, where well-shaped and tall girls are considered to be sexier than others, it’s a surprise to know that midget OnlyFans creators are making money. They may be small but they offer great content and have huge fans. Through their OnlyFans accounts, they engage with their followers and create exciting moments for them. That’s how they get so many fans on this platform. 

Some of these sexy models are among the top Onlyfans Creators. Let’s meet the best midget OnlyFans. 

Top 10 Sexy Midget OnlyFans

Being a dwarf or midget hasn’t prevented the following girls from sharing fun and filthy content on OnlyFans. Despite being small, they have great talent on this platform and also among the hot free OnlyFans creators.  Here is the list of the sexiest midget Onlyfans creators. 

1.Peta (@power-midget)

As one of the most active OnlyFans creators, Peta has shared 200 Videos with more than 2000 photos with her subscribers. Almost all of them show her sexiness and curved body. She doesn’t share any free content on OnlyFans, but she offers incredible prices for her subscription. Her regular subscription price is $10 per month. She sometimes gives discounts on this price, especially to her previous subscribers. 

Furthermore, Peta is an active user on other social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter. You can still see how naughty she is on other platforms, even if she is not allowed to show nudity.

This 4’8 girl is from the UK and has a unique style. With her black and red hair, she is far distinguished from all other members. 

midget Onlyfans creators

2. Marie Midget (@mariebaby)

Known as ‘Smokey,’ Marie is one of the top midget OnlyFans who offers different exclusive services and creates special videos at the request of her fans. As she claims, all good things come in small packages, and this package is 3’9! Since she has more than 2000 posts and videos on her OnlyFans, she is an enthusiastic and popular creator on this platform. 

Her regular subscription fee is $20/month. But she usually gives great discounts. Her latest limited offer comes with an 85% discount. Therefore, the lucky subscribers can pay only $3 for a one month subscription. 

midget onlyfans creator

3. Valentina Midget OnlyFans(@valentinamidgetxo)

With over 306K likes on 250 photos and 100 videos, it seems that Valentino midget OnlyFans has so much to show. With her hot body and sexy photos, Valentino knows how to attract her subscribers on this platform. Furthermore, she is eager to create custom content exclusively for her subscribers and chat with them via DM.

This 3 ‘9 midget girl offers a $12/month subscription fee. But you will be one of the lucky subscribers who can get a 75% discount for one 31 days. 

Valentino midget onlyfans

4. Jade (@jaded.fae)

Based in Ohio, Jade is one of the hot midget OnlyFans on the list. Standing 3’2, she has a curvy body, which adds to her hotness. Furthermore, she has tons of premade videos that are available for her subscribers to view. 

Additionally, she offers great promotions occasionally and reduces her subscription fees by up to 60%. Therefore, her fans can get to her videos at a more affordable fee. Her regular subscription fee is $8 per month.

Jade is also active on other social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram. In addition, she has a free OnlyFans account where she offers parts of her content for free.

midget onlyfans

5. Midget Love (@midgelove1)

As a midget pornstar, ‘Midget Love’ offers various content to her subscribers, from cosplays to dirty talk and livestreams. Unlike most midget OnlyFans on the list, this one doesn’t show her face until you subscribe to her content, which is $10 per month. It seems that she likes being mysterious to her fans. 

midget love onlyfans

6. Juicy K (@iam.juicyk)

Do you like sexy dance moves? Juicy K is one of the top midget OnlyFans models who is passionate about creating flirty and wild videos combined with her dance moves. Although she has accounts on other social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter, her OnlyFans account is where you can get her exclusive content. However, she is among one of the top TikTokers with OnlyFans creators

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However, this exclusive content doesn’t come at cheap prices. She has one of the highest subscription fees on the list, with $30 per month. 

Midget onlyfans

7. Lil Circe (@lilcirce)

This redhead midget girl on OnlyFans is one of the wildest creators from the United States. She offers various content, from cosplay to porn and more. Since she has more than 4.6K likes on OnlyFans, it seems that her videos are satisfying enough to her subscribers. Her subscription fee is $10 per month.

The fun fact about Lil is that OnlyFans is not the only place where she earns money. She has an online store where she sells waxwork. Therefore, she is somehow an artist! Furthermore, she is available on Instagram, but she’s not that popular on that platform. 

Midget onlyfans creators

8. Princexx Poizon (@manicpixiesleazegirl)

Standing 4 ’10, this little hot midget OnlyFans creator is one of the most stylish girls on the list. Violet is her favorite color, and she loves adding this color to her style and photos. That’s why she calls herself ‘Purple Pixie.’ As an active user on OnlyFans, she always has something special for her subscribers, from sexy naked photos to naughty videos. Her regular subscription fee is $16/month.

Furthermore, Princexx is so generous. She sometimes offers a free monthly subscription to her previous subscribers as a gift. In addition, she gives discounts to people who treat her well. So, you can enjoy watching her content at an affordable price if you keep your manners. 

midget onlyfans

9. TinyTexie (@tinytexie)

Want to know a blond midget OnlyFans girl? Let’s meet TinyTexie, a 3’6 midget from Texas who claims to be the world’s sexiest midget. She is so energetic and passionate about sharing erotic videos with her subscribers. Having more than 77K likes on this platform shows how unimaginably sexy she can be. 

Despite her main OnlyFans account, which has a subscription fee of S20 per month, she offers part of her content on a free account to make more people enjoy her sexy videos and photos. Furthermore, Tinytexie is active on other social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter. 

midget onlyfans creators

10. Emalia Lorena(@emalialorenaa)

Offering a wide range of services, Emily is one of the top midget OnlyFans on the list. From sexting on the DM to nude photos and requested videos, she is open to sharing the content that her subscribers pay for. Undeniably, she has one of the top nude Onlyfans accounts

Emilia is from Barcelona, Spain, but she speaks English. However, having a bit of a Spanish accent is sexy too. Furthermore, Emilia provides great limited offers occasionally, including a 75% offer for 31 days subscription, which is a huge discount. Her regular subscription fee is $12/month.

sexy Midget onlyfans

Bottom Line 

As you can see, OnlyFans is not only for top models, midget OnlyFans creators have their fans on this platform. They create exciting, fun, and sexy content, and are far different from other members. No matter what type of person you are, if you provide valuable content, you can easily make money on OnlyFans, just like these sexy girls.


1- What Do the Top Midget Onlyfans Girls Make?

Like all other OnlyFans members, midget girls also offer various content. They may create adult content, share dancing videos, or even provide fitness content. Therefore, their niche is not always the same. Therefore, if you have any talent to offer on this platform, you can start an OnlyFans now. 

How to Find Midget Girls on OnlyFans? 

There are several ways to find OnlyFans creators. You can search Google for ‘midget OnlyFans creators’ or checkout OnlyFans official website. Here are the methods about how to find someone on OnlyFans.