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How would you compare Influencer Marketing with digital advertising?

Apples and oranges. Influencer marketing is far more personable and as such, will often lead to better conversion. Digital advertising can, of course, have its benefits as well. In reality, the two can co-exist and when the right marketing plan is in place can be used effectively together. However, in recent years, almost everything points towards influencer marketing being far more beneficial and this doesn’t look like it’s changing.

Which social platforms do you think will be the most used by influencer marketers in the next 5 years?


 How do you currently find relevant and high-quality influencers for your marketing campaigns?

Web search

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How should brands use Instagram influencers to grow their business? What is your personal experience with Instagram influencing?

Instagram influencers have a key place in the industry. At the moment, when utilized correctly, they’ll often bring in the most cost-effective results. However, this could have been very different if shorts weren’t introduced. As links aren’t clickable in the text under native posts and linking in the bio adds an additional step to the process. Shorts have allowed influencers to branch out on Instagram with effective short-form adverts.

Instagram influencer marketing company

What are some common tools and strategies to help grow your presence on Instagram? Are you currently using any tools?

As the owner of an influencer marketing agency, I manually search and identify talent on the platform. I’ll then use programs like Social Blade to identify patterns and trends in growth/decline of their following and engagement to identify which influencers to work with.

Instagram Stories for the reasons mentioned above.

What advice would you give to a new business that wants to gain and grow its paid sponsorships?

Work with an influencer agency.

How do you think influencer marketing will grow among small businesses in the near future?

I think we might see even more of a shift towards local nano and macro influencers to aid small businesses.

How do you currently collaborate with and pay Instagram influencers? Name any tools and strategies that you use.

We source work from brands that have influencer marketing work available and pay our creators based on an agreed upon rate, manually.

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