How to Make Money on Facebook in 2024

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With the rise of social media applications like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, you might only think of them as a means of earning income. However, Facebook has kept its popularity and made it possible for creators to earn from it. In that case, the question that would come to your mind is how to make money on Facebook.

It’s fine if you are trying to make money on Facebook through your Facebook Touch or your Facebook on a laptop. All you need is a complete guide on the best possible way.

Why Should You Consider Making Money on Facebook

Knowing how to make money on Facebook is wise because the platform boasts a large and diverse user base, providing multiple ways to generate income. Whether you’re selling products or participating in affiliate marketing, Facebook offers a broad audience, making it a lucrative avenue for various income streams.

How to Make Money on Facebook

Given all the information we’ve shared, you might be curious about how to make money on Facebook. In that case, you’ll need some guidance.

How to Make Money on Facebook
How to Make Money on Facebook

1. Facebook Marketplace

How to make money on the Facebook marketplace? The Facebook Marketplace allows users to sell products or services directly to local individuals in their community, functioning as a platform for buying and selling various items.

2. Create A Facebook Page

Create a Facebook page about something you love, gather many followers, and then make money by promoting posts, partnering with affiliates, or selling your products.

3. Sell Products Through Facebook Shop

If you own an online store, you can create a Facebook Shop to display and sell your products directly on your Facebook page.

4. Facebook Ads

How to make money on Facebook ads? If you own a business, leverage Facebook Ads through Facebook reels to showcase your products or services to a specific audience. This can increase website traffic or direct sales through the Facebook platform.

5. Offer Online Services

Suppose you possess a skill or offer consulting, graphic design, or writing services. In that case, you can use your Facebook page to promote and advertise your services, connecting with potential clients who may be interested in hiring you.

6. Crowdfunding

What is a crowdfunding campaign? If you have a creative project or a business idea, you can use Facebook to promote a crowdfunding campaign, where platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo help you gather funds from people interested in supporting your project.

7. Facebook Live

Wondering how to make money on Facebook Live? Connect with your audience by going live on video. Use the Facebook Live feature to display your products, answer questions, or share valuable content. Followers might support you by making donations or purchasing your products or services.

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8. Create and Sell Content

As a content creator, you can make money by creating and selling premium content to your audience, such as ebooks, online courses, or exclusive videos.

9. Join Facebook Groups

Engage in Facebook groups related to your interests or business niche. Offer your products or services, but be sure to add to group rules and contribute value before promoting your business.

10. Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is when people promote a company’s products, and if someone buys through their recommendation, they earn a commission. It’s like getting a reward for helping a company sell things.

Join affiliate programs and advertise products or services on your Facebook page. You earn a commission for each sale through the unique affiliate link you share.

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How do you make money on Facebook by chatting?

Earning money on Facebook through chatting usually means using your communication skills for various activities that will show Facebook’s powers. Here are some ways people make money by chatting on the platform:

How to Make Money on Facebook by Chatting
How to Make Money on Facebook by Chatting
  • Freelance Services: For a fee, offer consulting, coaching, or tutoring services through private messages.
  • Sell Products or Services: Utilize Facebook Messenger to communicate with potential customers, answer questions, and facilitate transactions.
  • Virtual Assistance: Provide virtual assistance services, managing tasks like responding to messages or handling administrative duties.
  • Online Coaching: Offer coaching or mentoring services in various areas through chat.
  • Social Media Management: Manage social media accounts for businesses or individuals, using Facebook chat for communication.

How Many Views are needed to make money on Facebook?

To make money from your Facebook videos using the Brand Collabs Manager, you need to have at least 1,000 followers and meet one of these criteria in the last 60 days:

  • 15,000 post engagements.
  • 180,000 minutes viewed.
  • 30,000 1-minute views for 3-minute videos.


Now that you know how to make money on Facebook, you should also know that making money on Facebook is all about using its features like selling in the Marketplace, creating a dedicated page, running Facebook Ads, or joining affiliate programs. The crucial factor is building a real connection with your audience through valuable content and products while staying within community guidelines. To thrive in the ever-changing world of Facebook commerce, adapting and staying informed about new ways to make money online is essential.


1. How Many Views Do You Need to Get Paid on Facebook?

To earn money from your Facebook videos using the Brand Collabs Manager, you should have at least 1,000 followers and meet one of these criteria: either 15,000 post engagements, 180,000 minutes viewed, or 30,000 1-minute views for 3-minute videos in the last 60 days.

2. Which Social Media Pays The Most?

While Facebook and Instagram generate significant revenue, creators find greater income potential on TikTok and YouTube. Regarding substantial earnings, YouTube is the primary source for creators making over $200,000 annually.

3. How Many Followers Do You Need To Make Money On Facebook?

To run ads during videos on Facebook, the videos must be over one minute long, and influencers need at least 10,000 followers. These tips are for brands that want to pay for these ads.


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