Facebook Ad Library: The Expert Guide in 2024

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Are you searching for an advertising method that’s really worth it for most businesses? Ever heard of the Facebook Ad Library? It’s a useful tool to help you learn about and check out the ads your competitors are putting on Facebook.

With over 10 million businesses advertising on Facebook and Instagram, They’re become go-to platforms. But as the advertising competition grows, it’s not as easy as it used to be. To stay ahead in Facebook marketing, you need an edge. That’s where the Facebook Ad Library comes in. It’s a strong tool that many people don’t use much. It lets you see what your competitors are doing and helps you compete better.

In this article, we’ll give you the ultimate guide on how to get the most out of fb ads library. You’ll learn how to use the Facebook Ad Library for research, saving ads, and gathering creative ideas that fit your brand.

Let’s dive into it! 

What Is Facebook Ad Library?

The Facebook Ad Library, now called the Meta Ad Library, is a free tool where you can look up and check out ads that are currently running or have run in the past on Facebook and other Meta platforms. Originally, it was made for political and social issue ads in 2018, but it has expanded to include all kinds of ads.

Why is Facebook ad library important? You may ask!

For marketers, it’s like a treasure chest of information. You can use it to see what your competitors are doing, get ideas for your own Facebook advertising strategy, and track how your ads are doing over time.

How to Use the Facebook Ad Library?

The Facebook Ad Library offers a free, comprehensive, and transparent view of any advertiser on Facebook or Instagram. It’s designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that anyone, even those without prior experience with Facebook or a Business account, can easily access ad information. Here is how to use FB ad library:

  • Go to Facebook Ad Library: Open your web browser and visit Facebook ads library.
  • Choose a Country: Pick the country you’re interested in from the dropdown menu.
How to Use the Facebook Ad Library(1)
How to Use the Facebook Ad Library(1)
  • Search for Ads: In the search bar, type in the name of a business or a specific keyword related to what you want to see.
  • View Results: You’ll see a list of ads related to your search.
  • Click on an Ad: Click on an ad to get more details. You can find out if the ad is active, when it started, which platforms it ran on (like Facebook or Instagram), and if it’s related to special categories.
  • Explore Variations: Under each ad, there’s a ‘See ad details’ button. Click it to see different versions of the ad with various images, headlines, descriptions, or calls to action.
How to Use the Facebook Ad Library(2)
How to Use the Facebook Ad Library(2)
  • Add Filters (Optional): If you want to narrow down your search, you can use different filters. Filters let you sort ads by language, platform, media type (like images or videos), active status, and active date.
How to Use the Facebook Ad Library(3)
How to Use the Facebook Ad Library(3)

That’s it! Even if you don’t have a Facebook business account or much experience with Facebook, the platform has made it easy for anyone to access information about ads.

How to Use the Facebook Ad Library to Discover Your Competitors’ Ads?

You can use the Facebook Ad Library, to find your competitors’ ads. Here’s how:

  • Go to the Ad Library on Facebook.
  • Choose the country where your competitor is running ads.
  • Type in the name of their business.
  • Look for their ads linked to their Facebook page with the same name.
  • You’ll see all the ads they’ve run in the past seven years.
  • Click on each ad to learn more. 
  • Moreover,  you can use filters to get more info about their ads.

Using the filters, you can see their text, images, and videos in ads. You can also check out their ads during holidays or special promotions from previous years.

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That’s how you can use the Facebook Ad Library to find your competitors’ ads.

Why Is Facebook Ad Library Important?

The Facebook Ad Library, now known as the Meta Ad Library, offers several valuable benefits. 

#1 Visiting Ads from All Over the World

First, it allows you to view advertisements from around the world. This means you can see what types of ads are running in different countries and markets, helping you gain insights into global advertising trends and strategies.

#2 Checking out Competitors’ Ads

Second, the fb ads library enables you to examine the ads your competitors are currently running. By analyzing your competitors’ ads, you can gather competitive intelligence, understand their messaging, and potentially identify opportunities to differentiate your own advertising campaigns.

#3 Making Political Ads

Another significant benefit is the library’s role in enhancing transparency, particularly for political ads and lobbying efforts. It provides transparency by making it easier to track and scrutinize political advertisements and their sources, contributing to a more open and informed political environment.

#4 Giving Creative Ideas for Your Future Ads

Lastly, the Facebook Ad Library serves as a source of creative inspiration for future advertising campaigns. By exploring a wide range of ads across industries and niches, you can gather ideas and insights to fuel your own creative endeavors, helping you develop more effective and engaging ad content.

Pro Tip: Once you’ve identified what works best, look for influencers whose content and patterns align with those successful styles. This way, you’ll connect with your target audience more effectively and supercharge your advertising campaign’s impact. Matching ad styles with the right influencers can be the key to success!

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Ainfluencer Features for Brands

Ainfluencer offers features like a vast influencer list, easy campaign creation, and smart filters. You can send unlimited invites to influencers and use AI-driven smart invites. The platform is end-to-end, with a built-in chat inbox to streamline the collaboration process. It also ensures transparency with an Escrow system, resolution center, reviews, and ratings. 

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Ainfluencer Features for Influencers 

For creators and influencers, Ainfluencer is a valuable platform. It’s free to use, and you can connect with a wide range of campaigns. You can make unlimited offers and negotiate deals without sharing your social media passwords. The Ainfluencer app keeps you updated, and AI-driven analytics help you find the right campaigns. Plus, you can expect regular payouts.

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To Wrap Things Up

Ad library on Facebook is a game-changer for advertisers of all sizes. With new ads appearing daily, the Facebook Ad Library provides a watchful eye on your competitors and helps you unearth the top-performing ads across Facebook. So, whether you’re a big player or a smaller contender, this tool keeps you in the game, ensuring your advertising campaigns stay sharp and effective.


1. What Can I Search for in the Facebook Ad Library?

You can search for all active ads running on Meta products. Additionally, for ads related to social issues, elections, or politics, Meta offers more information, including details about spending, reach, and funding entities. These ads, whether active or inactive, are stored in the Ad Library for up to 7 years.

2. What Is the Facebook Ad Library API?

The Ad Library API is an interface that enables a deeper analysis of ads related to social issues, elections, politics, and ads targeting the EU and associated territories. Authorized users can also analyze active public branded content on Facebook and Instagram through this API.

3. Can I Search for Facebook Ads? 

Yes, you can search for Facebook ads that are currently running on a company’s Facebook page using the Facebook Ad Library. You can also check if the ad is currently active or turned off.

4. What Information Does the Facebook Ad Library Display? 

The Facebook Ad Library provides a view of ads from all Facebook pages and offers additional information, including the ad’s status, budget, and the duration it has been running.


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