How Much Do YouTubers Make In 2024? The Ultimate Guide For Beginners 

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With billions of monthly active users, YouTube has become a hub for digital creators looking for financial opportunities. If you are talented and are thinking about using this platform, you need to know how much do YouTubers make. 

In this article, we’ll provide a full guide on how much money do YouTubers make per video and view. This will help help you to know how to become a YouTuber and earn money from your videos. 

If you are a YouTuber, one of the best ways to increase your income is to collaborate with brands in your industry. Ainfluencer helps you to find brands in a couple of minutes and invite them for collaborations. 

How To Earn Money On YouTube?

If you are starting to create content on YouTube, you shouldn’t expect youtube earnings from your first video. While the idea of making money from your first video may be exciting, it’s important to understand that YouTube earnings typically don’t come immediately. Building a successful YouTube channel takes time, effort, and consistency.

Keep in mind that to have youtube income, there are some monetization requirements, such as reaching 1,000 subscribers that we will discuss in the next parts. So, you need to meet these requirements before thinking about how much do Youtubers make. 

As a result,instead of solely focusing on how to make money on YouTube right away, concentrate on your content creation skills, refining your video production techniques, and building a loyal audience base.

How Many Views Do YouTubers Need To Get Paid?

Before talking about how much money do YouTubers make, it’s important to know how they do it. To be able to earn money from your YouTube views you need to join the “YouTube Partner Program.” This program gives creators more access to features and tools and helps them to get paid by advertisements. To get accepted into YouTube Partner Program, you need to meet some requirements:

  • Having a minimum of 1,000 subscribers,
  • Reaching 4,000 valid public watch hours within the past 12 months (excluding short views),
  • Agreeing to the terms and conditions,
  • Having an AdSense account.

Once you fulfill these criteria, your channel will undergo a review process, and after approval, you can start earning revenue from your YouTube videos.

Google, the parent company of YouTube, pays $68 for every $100 an advertiser spends on ads. However, it’s crucial to note that if viewers choose to skip the ad before the 30-second mark, YouTube doesn’t earn anything, which ultimately means that you as a content creator won’t receive payment for that particular view. 

How Much Do YouTubers Make Per View?

Now that you know the requirements for monetizing your YouTube channel, it’s time to see how much do YouTubers make per view. The earnings per view on YouTube can vary widely depending on factors such as the viewer’s location, the type of ad displayed, and the overall engagement of the video. 

YouTube Views
YouTube Views

However, according to studies made by Influencer Marketing Hub, YouTubers can make an average of $0.010 to $0.030 per ad view. The average would be about $0.018 if you want to have an estimation of how much money do YouTubers make per view. 

How Much Do YouTubers Make Every 1,000 Views?

The answer to how much do YouTubers make for k views can depend on many different factors such as the type of video (short form or long form videos). Based on a study made by Businessinsider, the average income per 1000 views on long-form videos is $1.61 to $29.30.

Other Ways For YouTubers To Make Money

In the last parts, we’ve discussed how much do YouTubers make through the YouTube Partner Program. But that’s not the only way they can earn money. Here are some other ways to boost your YouTube earnings.

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1. Affiliate Links

If you watch YouTube videos regularly, you have definitely come across a YouTube video where the content creator provides a review of a product or casually mentions the brand they use.

Afiiliate Links On YouTube
Affiliate Links On YouTube

Affiliate marketing is when a YouTuber showcases or discusses a product and provides a link to their website/social media channel. When a viewer clicks on the link provided in the description and makes a purchase, the YouTuber receives a percentage of that transaction as a commission.

2. Crowdfunding And Donations

Gamers that use YouTube for scrimmaging may turn to crowdfunding platforms like Patreon or directly accept donations from their supportive viewers. This method allows fans to contribute financially to their favorite channels, providing creators with additional income to support their content creation.

Donation links On YouTube
Donation Links On YouTube

3. Merchandise Sales

Creating and selling branded merchandise, such as t-shirts, hoodies, or accessories, is another popular revenue stream for YouTubers. This approach allows content creators to leverage their brand and engage with their dedicated fanbase.

YouTube Shop
YouTube Shop

4. YouTube Premium And Channel Memberships

With YouTube Premium, viewers can enjoy an ad-free experience and access exclusive content. On the other hand. YouTubers receive a portion of the revenue generated from YouTube Premium subscriptions. Additionally, some creators offer channel memberships, providing exclusive perks to subscribers in exchange for a monthly fee.

5. Sponsorships

Brands recognize the influence and reach of successful YouTubers and often seek collaborations to promote their products or services. Sponsored content on YouTube involves YouTubers partnering with brands to create dedicated videos or incorporate product placements within their content. 

However, finding the right brand collaborations and sponsorships can be a challenging task for YouTubers. That’s where Ainfluencer comes in. Ainfluencer is an influencer marketing platform that connects social media influencers with brands for collaborations.

Ainfluencer homepage
Ainfluencer Homepage

With Ainfluencer, You can browse through a vast selection of brands and campaigns, matching your channel’s niche and audience demographics. There are powerful search filters and engine that simplifies the process of finding your best collaboration match (you can search by hashtags, niche, location, language, budget, etc). 

The answer to how much do YouTubers make from sponsors depends on the brand you want to work with. You can set your budget and invite brands in your niche. 


Becoming a successful YouTuber requires dedication, consistency, and a deep understanding of the platform. While the earnings potential varies greatly, YouTube offers numerous avenues for YouTubers to generate income.

This article provided a full guide on how much do YouTubers make for 1 million views or less. Also, we’ve introduced you to some other methods to try for earning money on the platform. 


1. What Is The Average Income For YouTubers?

The average income for YouTubers can vary greatly depending on factors such as the number of views, the type of content, and the monetization strategies employed. The answer to how many youtube pay per views is between $0.01 and $0.03 per view on average. However, it’s important to note that this is a rough estimate, and the actual income can be higher or lower based on numerous factors, including engagement, niche, and audience demographics.

2. How Do YouTubers Get Paid?

YouTubers can receive payments through various methods. The primary payment method for YouTubers is through the YouTube Partner Program, which allows them to monetize their videos with ads. 

YouTube pays YouTubers through Google AdSense, and the earnings are deposited into the YouTubers’ AdSense accounts. From there, YouTubers can withdraw their earnings through options such as direct bank transfers or by receiving checks in the mail.

3. Do YouTubers Earn More Money From Longer Videos?

The earning potential from YouTube videos is not solely determined by their length. Longer videos provide more ad space that leads to higher ad revenue. If viewers watch ads or interact with them, YouTubers have the opportunity to earn revenue regardless of video length. 

Ultimately, the quality and engagement of the content play a more significant role in determining earnings rather than the duration of the video.

4. Can You Make A Living From YouTube?

Yes, it is possible to make a living from YouTube. Many successful YouTubers have turned their channels into full-time careers, earning a substantial income from their content. However, it’s important to note that making a living from YouTube requires dedication, consistency, and building a substantial audience base. 


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