What Is Dark Posting: A Complete Guide in 2024

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The term ‘Dark Post’ might sound mysterious, but it simply refers to a type of advertising on Facebook, more so than on other platforms like Instagram. As the name might suggest, it’s not related to anything ominous.

When you scroll down as usual on platforms like Facebook, you’ll see different ads from brands you don’t follow. That is what we call a dark post. But what is dark posing? Is it just about Facebook marketing, or does it happen on other platforms? Read this article to know the complete guide about dark posting.

What Is A Dark Post?

When you hear ‘dark posting,’ you might first think of Instagram or Facebook images with dark lighting or dark-themed content from specific fan pages. However, dark posting refers to targeted advertising on social media unrelated to the visual content’s mood or theme.

Dark posing is an act of promoting a brand’s product for online marketing and growing their business.

It is an unpublished post on social media that advertises to a specific group of audience. Something confusing about dark posting is that it cannot be found on a brand’s timeline. However, the usefulness of a dark post cannot be denied because it can help prevent your brand’s marketing from becoming flooded with promotional posts.

How Does Dark Posting Work?

Dark posts offer your brand the opportunity to run ads without crowding your home page. They’re unpublished ads aimed at a specific audience, keeping your main page clean while still engaging potential customers. Additionally, dark posting has allowed influencers to create partnerships with brands in a campaign through influencer marketing.

1. Dark Posting From A Brand Page

When creating a social media ad, brands usually must use their existing posts or create new ones for publication. However, dark posting allows marketers to run ads without posting them on the brand’s homepage, using them solely as ads targeted at specific audiences. This strategy keeps the company’s main page uncluttered while still leveraging ad content. 

2. Dark Posting as an Influencer’s Campaign

In an influencer’s campaign, dark posts allow a brand to run ads without posting directly on the influencer’s social media account. The influencer grants the brand permission to use their account for specific ads, but not full control over it. This means the ad runs as a dark post, ensuring it doesn’t appear on the influencer’s page and keeping their content streamlined while still targeting the ad to the influencer’s audience. This approach simplifies the process for both parties, focusing solely on the ads’ performance.

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How Do Dark Posts Work?

Want to know how dark posts work? The first thing that may come to your mind is how it’s possible to gain any attraction when a dark post doesn’t appear on a brand’s timeline or even its followers.

Dark posts usually work when a follower is attracted to a particular web-behavior. The web recognizes followers’ wants and the same dark posts appear on their accounts.

If you are a fashion lover, you must love to visit fashion websites and read up about the latest fashion trends. In that case, you will receive a targeted dark post from a brand similar to the fashion websites you visit. 

Why Should You Use Dark Posts?

Dark posts are a great way of advertising. With so many digital advertising solutions and beautiful designs worldwide, you may wonder why creating a dark post is good for your brand and if it’s worth it.

Why Should You Use Dark Posts?
Why Should You Use Dark Posts?

1. Your Brand Won’t Look Spammy

How do you present your brand to your customers? Surly by your page on social media and your website. Therefore, you would want to avoid any kind of spammy behavior. What do you think your customers would rather see most? Would you prefer a single, targeted dark post or several boosted posts that might end up overwhelming your audience?

To maintain loyalty among your customers, incorporating dark posts into your strategy is key. These targeted ads ensure that loyal customers receive tailored content, enhancing brand management and providing a more personalized experience without overwhelming their feeds with generic promotional material.

2. They Will Help You Reach Your Target Audience

Dark posts draw customers in, allowing them to learn more about your brand and explore your website. Using dark posts allows for tailored advertising to different audience segments, enabling the creation of custom ads for each targeted group, therefore focusing your marketing efforts more effectively.

Dark posting on Instagram and Facebook will reach your target audiences and increase your brand awareness quickly.

3. You’ll have Organic Content

Dark posts help keep your page looking clean by hosting ads without cluttering your timeline. This way, customers can enjoy your best organic and promoted content without the distraction of excessive ads, making your page more appealing and less spammy.


Now that you know what dark posting is, you should know that using dark posts will help you reach your target audience and keep your loyal customers. Dark posts will also help you eliminate spammy behavior, making your brand known to many people interested in your niche.


1. What Is A Dark Post Example?

Dark posts look like normal ads in your news feed. However, if you see ads from brands or accounts you don’t follow or see those ads don’t appear in the timeline of that page, it is an example of a dark post.

2. Are Dark Posts Paid?

A dark post is a sponsored post. However, a dark post doesn’t appear on the brand’s timeline or feed. It’s an ad that only shows up on the timeline of the people it’s targeted to. The ad doesn’t even appear for the brand’s followers.


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