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How would you compare Influencer Marketing with digital advertising?

Influencers generally have more massive followings on social media but social media is an integral part of digital marketing. These influencers work better than other online ads as their followers are connected to them mentally and emotionally leading to a greater impact on their audience and are often demographically similar to them. 

Which social platforms do you think will be the most used by influencer marketers in the next 5 years?


How do you currently find relevant and high-quality influencers for your marketing campaigns?

Hashtags search

Instagram influencer marketing platform

 How would you decide which influencers to work with?

Track their performance over time

 How should brands use Instagram influencers to grow their business? What is your personal experience with Instagram influencing?

There are many influencers on Instagram who can provide better results for small businesses than what their current marketing practices would allow. Using multiple influencers with at least an average audience engagement can be much more effective than advertising through the brand’s own social media channels. 

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What are some common tools and strategies to help grow your presence on Instagram? Are you currently using any tools?

We are using the in-built features available on Instagram.

 What advice would you give to a new business that wants to gain and grow its paid sponsorships?

Observe and study influencers before working with them. Know if the audience is genuine or fake. Start reaching out to the smaller influencers first.

 How do you think Influencer Marketing will grow among small businesses in the near future?

The world is getting smaller – people can instantaneously reach out to anybody and everybody through social media. This fact is very beneficial for small businesses. They would be smart to jump in on this opportunity. 

How do you currently collaborate with and pay Instagram influencers? Name any tools and strategies that you use.

We pay extra for exclusivity – if an influencer only mentions our product then we will pay more. 

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