7 Best AI Social Media Post Generators in 2024

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Best AI Social Media Post Generators

If you’re confused by the title, let me assure you that your reaction is completely normal. In order to discuss AI social media post generators, you need to know what AI is, and what are the challenges of using it. Does it even have any challenges? Back to your confused reaction, picture having lots of tasks to do all at once, and you really wish there was something to give you a hand.

Having an extra hand to help you in everything you do can make the process easier and, of course, faster. Well, good news! There are special assistants available to help you. These AI tools have taken on a central role in human lives, particularly on social media platforms and within the AI marketing field.

As you know, solving your problem is our top priority. That’s why we’ve gathered a complete guide to introducing AI and a list of free helpers for you to use as your extra hand.

How Can You be Helped by AI?

As we mentioned earlier, having your personal assistant for any task is something that anyone would wish for. Whether it’s in marketing, writing, gathering various information, or even translating languages on different topics, you genuinely desire an AI assistant that knows everything.

AI, or artificial intelligence, is like making computers and machines act smart like humans. In fact, AI is a tool that can do things that usually require human thinking, such as solving problems, learning, communicating, recognizing patterns, and making decisions. AI uses machine learning, neural networks, and natural language processing to assist machines in performing tasks alone, just like humans do.

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What Is an AI Social Media Post Generator?

As you can tell from the topic, an AI Social Media Post Generator is a tool designed to assist you in creating content for various social media platforms. These platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are widely popular among different generations.

The AI learns from lots of data and figures out what people like on social media. Then, it writes text that’s similar to what works well, just like how people write. This assists individuals and businesses managing social media accounts in saving valuable time. getting fast and customized content to share with their followers.

Important Thing to Keep in Mind 

Consider this as a challenge, AI social media post generator is like a student that is always learning, gathering information from all over the world. However, it’s important to keep in mind that just as students require regular studying and learning of new things, AI also needs to be updated often. When you get information from AI, it’s advisable to verify its accuracy by using trustworthy sources. This way, you can make sure the information is really valid and reliable. 

What Are the Benefits of Using AI Social Media Post Generator?

Using the AI social media post generator has become one of the fastest and easiest ways to create content on social media. You might be interested in learning about the advantages of using AI.

Benefits of Using AI Social Media Post Generator
Benefits of Using AI Social Media Post Generator

1. Time-Saving

The point of using an AI social media post generator is to save time. You won’t need to create content yourself because, of course, Ai does the job for you. This saves time from content creation and lets you concentrate on other important things that matter to you.

2. Having Contents On Time

As a result of what we said, imagine an AI social media post generator as a smart social media manager  It helps you put up your posts regularly, right on time. This is super important because it keeps your online presence strong and active.

 When people know when to find your posts, they’re more likely to like and comment on them. So, AI makes sure you stick to a steady schedule, which is really important for making sure people see and like what you share online.

3. Variety

The AI social media post generator tries to produce content in many different ways.  This way, your audience doesn’t get bored and tired of seeing the same thing all the time. They see new and different stuff each time and every time.

4. Available at Any Time

Ai is like a full-time manager who is available anytime day or night, without having a break. This means that the AI social media post generator will keep making content for you even when you are not working, which means your social media will stay active.

5. Creating Content The Way You Want

You have the flexibility to modify or generate content according to your preferences. For instance,  if your audience likes short and simple posts, you can simply adjust the content. So, it’s like making the content fit your brand’s personality and what your followers like.

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6. Staying Updated

Based on what we’ve discussed and even highlighted about keeping the AI updated, here’s the deal, if the AI social media post generator you’re using is up to date, you’re good to go. But if it’s not updated, using it won’t serve any purpose at all. So, make sure you are ai is up to date.

7. Multilingual Support

AI social media post generators have the unique capability to generate content in various languages, which opens up exciting possibilities for connecting with a more diverse audience. This linguistic flexibility enables you to grow your online reach beyond borders, fostering an international presence that can profoundly impact your brand’s visibility and engagement.

7 Best AI Social Media Post Generators

Now, specifically addressing your interest in free AI social media post generators, we’ve compiled a list of the best tools available for you to use.

1. Chat GPT

In today’s digital world, you’ve probably come across the term ‘AI’, One of the best AI social media post generators that are getting a lot of attention these days is Chat GPT. It’s really good at helping with creative stuff like making catchy hashtags and short social media posts.

Chat GPT
Chat GPT

But it can also do more, like writing about products, managing blogs, and even handling more complex tasks. It’s not just about creating content, though. ChatGPT can also answer questions, give accurate information, and support you in lots of different tasks. 

Chat GPT Features

  • Generate texts, generation,
  • Customization,
  • Translate between languages,
  • Debug and fix code,
  • Solve math questions, 
  • Answer Questions.

Chat GPT Pricing

Chat GPT-3 is free to use; however, Chat GPT Plus costs $20 per month.

2. Google Bard

The best AI social media post generator that can save you time in creating content or other kinds of stuff is Google Bard. It has been upgraded with Google’s most advanced language model. Just like the other social media content generators that we will mention, you can use this awesome AI social media post generator tool to make all sorts of content for different social media platforms.

Google Bard
Google Bard

Google Brad Features

  • Generate codes,
  • Plan a trip,
  • Image and video analysis,
  • Answer questions,
  • Multilingual responses.

Google Bard Pricing

Google Bad is a free AI social media post generator.

3. Ocoya

To some people, AI social media post generators have become an essential part of marketing. Even if you have time to create content yourself, you might still prefer to have AI do it for you. We’re all humans, and it’s quite satisfying to have someone else handle our tasks.
Ocoya stands out as a social media content-generation tool, commonly used for generating captions and hashtags. It’s also a strong AI copywriter featuring a range of templates. You can put it to work for producing content across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


Ocoya Features

  • Copywriting,
  • Scheduling, 
  • Automation,
  • AI Assist.

Ocoya Pricing

  • Bronze for individuals: $15 per month
  • Silver for growing teams: $39 per month
  • Gold for scaling businesses: $79 per month
  • Dimond for large organizations: $159 per month

4. Bing

Let’s talk about another AI social media post generator, Bing. It serves as an AI social Marketing Assistant, helping you generate creative and engaging content for various social media platforms.
Microsoft Bing is a web search engine that’s owned and run by Microsoft. This service has its roots in Microsoft’s earlier search engines: MSN Search, Windows Live Search, and later, Live Search. Bing offers a range of search options, including web, video, image, and map searches.


Bing Features

  • Auto marketplace,
  • Variety of search services,
  • Different search products,

Bing Pricing

Bing pricing costs $10 to $20 per month.

5. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a popular social media manager with an AI tool called OwlyWriter. OwlyWriter can create posts from links, give post suggestions, and help with quick holiday posts. It’s good for making various content fast using different templates like AIDA or PAS.


Hootsuite Features

  • Engage with customers,
  • Basic task management, 
  • Publish and schedule content
  • Performance reporting, 
  • Social media monitoring,
  • Integrations,
  • Advertise content.

Hootsuite Pricing

  • Professional: $99 per month
  • Team: $249 per month
  • Business: $739 per month

6. SocialBee

Looking for a free AI social media post generator? Well, Here’s one for you. SocialBee is a popular free AI with a considerable following. Just like other tools, it functions as a powerful content publishing platform, enabling you to create content in multiple ways. This makes it one of the best free options in the market.


SocialBee Features

  • Managing your social media account,
  • Generating captions and images,
  • Analyzing growth,
  • Publishing posts.

SocialBee Pricing

  • Bootstrap: $29 per month
  • Accelerate: $49 per month
  • Professional: $99 per month

7. Anyword

Another free AI social media post generator is Anyword. With this tool, you can quickly make posts for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other platforms. So, whether you want to enhance your current posts or need new ideas, you can always use AI social media post generators.


Anyword Features

  • Blog post generator,
  • Ad copy generator,
  • Email copy generator.

Anyword Pricing

  • Starter: $39 per month
  • Data-driven teams: $49 per month
  • Business: Costume pricing


AI social media post generators bring efficiency and creativity to content creation. They make it easy to create engaging posts and try different styles. Using AI helps people and businesses increase their visibility on the internet connect with different people, and focus on other important tasks. Remember, a mix of human realism and AI content is key for real audience connections.


1. Can You Make Money With AI Images?

You can make beautiful digital art with AI and sell it to people who want it. You can sell it on different places like art websites, online galleries, and social media. This lets you show off your art and make money from it in many ways.

2. How do I Create a Social Media Post With AI?

a: Choose a Social Media Prompt,
b: Customize the Prompt,
c: Generate New Social Media Posts,
d: Share your content on social media.


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