A Guide To The Must-See Places In Chonburi

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A few kilometres away from the capital city of Bangkok is the busy metropolitan area of Chonburi. Besides the town’s beauty, this place is known for its people’s hospitality, multiple recreational centers, and Thai connotations. Chonburi’s cultural presence has placed houses and villas in Chonburi among the top in the country. Furthermore, being only 83 kilometres away from Bangkok also improves the marketability of real estate in the area. To preview the beautiful city and available properties in the market, read more on the official website Thailand-Real.Estate.

Where Is Chonburi?

This magical place is a city and a province in Eastern Thailand, about 80 kilometres or two hours from Bangkok. The area was known as Changwat before and became a province in 1933. This seaside city is easily accessible from the city via a bus, minivan, or private ride/car. Chon Buri is also close to some of the best areas in town and impressive beaches.

What is Chonburi known for?

Chon Buri is known for many beautiful reasons and its proximity to many fun places. Its reputation is in accordance with the following:

Reputable and Fun Beaches

Many people love beaches and travel to Chon Buri because of all the peaceful and calm beaches around this city, e.g: 

  • The Boisterous Pattaya Beach
  • The Bang Saen Beach
  • Koh Lan Beach
  • Jomtien Beach
  • Tawaen Beach
  • Wong Amat Beach
  • Sai Kaew Beach
  • Samae Beach

All the mentioned beaches are great places to experience seaside activities. There are famous beaches like Pattaya and Bang Sean which are often crowded and full of activity all year long. But you can still find beaches that are more private and calm such as the Sai Kaew Beach.

Heritage Spots and Thai Cultural Presence

Chon Buri has many historical areas which makes it a natural hive for lovers of history. For example, the Koh Sam Muk is related to Chinese history in Thailand and symbolizes the protection of fishermen in the area. Other landmarks include:

  • The Sanctuary of Truth which contains carvings of Thai artifacts
  • The gold-plated Big Buddha which is the tallest statue in the world
  • The Buddha Mountain in Koh Chi Chan
  •  The Pattaya Floating Market
  • The Darul Ibadah Mosque
  • Orthodox Christian Church
  • The Pattaya Hill Top
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Restaurants and seafood Eat Out Spots

There are many famous restaurants in Chon Buri where you can have a nice time out. Some of the most famous restaurants include:

  •  MAYs Pattaya
  •  The Chon Buri Mountain Restaurant
  •  Pooky and Erik Restaurant
  • Steakhouse
  •  The Robinhood Tavern, etc.

The Pattaya Resorts

The Pattaya Resorts is a collection of lodges which functions as a hotel, hosts some amazing restaurants in the building and has some of the best recreational facilities in town. Pattaya Resorts serves residents from far and wide, and living in Chonburi will give you access to the area seamlessly. Pattaya offers a multitude of activities to enjoy, including bike rides,  boat cruises, and mountain hikes. Its nightlife is another reason most travellers like this area in Thailand.   

Fishing Villages of Chonburi

The fishing villages of Chonburi are another splendid sight to see. You may wonder why this place looks alluring to non-fishers. It is because of the food and the fun of a walk around the market. While fishermen trade seafood, and people come to buy them straight from the source, there are market eat-out spots where various seafood delicacies are prepared and sold. A visit to the fishing villages is incomplete if you haven’t tried some of these meals.

Investing in Chon Buri can be a great experience.

There are numerous enjoyable locations to visit and spend time in Chonburi. The town offers a chance to interact with both ex-pats and locals, creating an adventurous atmosphere for couples who seek a blend of historical significance on their travels. Many workers spend their days in Bangkok offices and unwind on the beaches and resorts of Chonburi. Properties in Chon Buri are on the higher side due to their popularity, but they are more affordable than in Phuket. Rent and costs of the property differ according to the modern quality and the range of other facilities offered. The value of real estate has increased in the past years, and experts suggest it is a good place to invest in.