100 Shades of Influencer Marketing

Find out what marketers and opinion leaders from around the globe think about influencer marketing.

A Sneak Peak Into the Book's Content

Irish Palo

Performance Account Manager @dentsu SSA

“Influencer Marketing is a selection of content creators (I consider them influential) in a certain niche that are being called to conduct a series of content that educates end users on a certain product/service with the objective to create awareness (reach), consideration (engagement) and conversion (purchase) whereas digital advertising is the practice of delivering content (promotional or storytelling) to users through various online and digital channels such as your websites, social media channels and apps.”

“Influencer Marketing, in my experience, is not only showing your face or products for promotion but also Content Creation, Affiliate Marketing, video creator as one of the skills needed as an Influencer. You also influence other people by showing how the products you are showcasing work out for you. As an influencer, you also engage and have a target audience for your market niche. As a Digital Advertiser, you must have content the brands using their platform promote themselves. The target the right niche audience and engage with them.”

Madeline D. Stevens

Freelance Digital Content Creator

Thomas Deane

Business Development Manager @DeanoVisualDesigns

“Well, Digital advertising you advertise the brand on the product. Influencer marketing is that you as a person has got people that like, know, and trust  you  and you can Influence them to follow you on some amazing things that you are doing.”