Marina Living, a Perfect Investment in Dubai Marina in 2023

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MARINA LIVING in the UAE  is a 23-story tower with a unique style and rich infrastructure, which offers great opportunities for investors. The architecture of this off-plan project is a reflection of Miami’s urban development.

Marina Living’s stylish contemporary building blends seamlessly into the neighborhood, which is dominated by futuristic skyscrapers. The construction of the residential complex will be completed in Q2 2025, and now is the best time to consider it as a future investment.

What Is Around Marina Living in Dubai Marina?

Dubai Marina shines like a jewel in the crown of New Dubai. Built around one of the largest man-made yacht marinas in the world and close to tourist attractions, world-class restaurants, and shopping districts, made this place an ideal destination in Dubai for real estate investments. The following sites are within walking distance of Dubai Marina: 

  • Dubai Marina Walk: a spacious promenade
  • Dubai Marina Mall: the largest shopping mall in the city
  • Dubai Eye: Ferris wheel
  • The Yacht Marina.

Having an apartment here allows you to live comfortably in a luxury resort at a price slightly lower than in business downtown. Furthermore, Marina Living residential complex in Dubai is located in the heart of this district, on the Persian Gulf coast, and provides its residents with stunning and panoramic views of the bay and the surrounding skyscrapers.

Since the demand for living here is deservedly high, selling a property in Dubai Marina is the main activity for local real estate agents. 

Off-plan Apartments for Sale in Dubai

Marina Living residential complex in Dubai offers 1- and 2-bedroom apartments starting from 71 square meters. The layouts of the apartments are different depending on their floor, but without exceptions, each comes with a brilliant design. In apartments, there are:

  • A large kitchen combined with the dining room
  • Laundry room
  • A walk-in closet
  • One or two spacious balconies.
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Every apartment also has large panoramic windows that allow residents to enjoy magnificent views of the city and the sea. Completely furnished and ready to move in, it is an ideal place for both families and personal residents. Selling prices start from AED 1.7 million (USD 462 561) for 1-bedroom apartments and AED 2.5 million (USD 698 000) for 2-bedroom properties for.

Unique Design of Properties for Sale in Dubai, UAE

Marina Living residential complex is designed in a modern urban style with a high-quality finish and premium materials. Light shades are used in the interior design of these properties. Wooden and marble decorating elements complement this laconic palette. The bathrooms are styled with ceramic tiles and equipped with all necessary bathroom equipment from European manufacturers.

Economic Attractiveness of Off-Plan Property in Dubai

Investing in Marina Living is potentially profitable. Buying a property in an off-plan complex in Dubai will cost 20-30% cheaper than in the finished project. Accordingly, the value of the apartments will increase as the construction progresses.

Additionally, buying property in Marina Living allows you to plan a long-term investment against the backdrop of rising property values in the UAE as a whole, specifically in Dubai Marina, one of the most sought-after areas in Dubai.

Residential properties in the area have traditionally been in high demand and offer an attractive rate of return on investment. In addition, real estate buyers in an off-plan complex will have access to an extremely favorable installment plan.

According to it, the buyer should pay 5% of the total price as the initial payment for the reservation. Another 55% will be required to be paid during the construction, while the next 10% will be payable upon the handover of the building. After all, the remaining 30% can be paid in small installments of 3.75% over a period of 2 years from the date of delivery.

Are You Ready for the Most Sustainable Investments?

 You can learn more about the residential complex on our official website Dubai-Property.Investments. You can also contact our experts about how to buy a property in Marina Living on the best terms for you. 

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