Who are local influencers?

Local influencers have less than 10 thousand followers and known as Nano-influencers. They are usually effective in their geographical area that is why they are called local influencers.

Although working with these people may not bring many visits and high conversion but engaging in this type of influencers has some good advantages that I will mention in this article.

The pages of local influencers do not have deceptive posts with so many photos, so they are more like ordinary people. In this way, their effect on their followers will be much greater.

So, if you are looking to promote your product or service in a small community, work with this group of influencers in your advertising campaign.

work with local influencers

Why work with local influencers?

While many businesses have not yet realized the benefits of working with micro-influencers, social media marketing specialists are actively working with nano-influencers.

There are many benefits to working with these people:

  • Close relation with the audience:
    Local influencers have a very strong connection with their followers. These people usually talk to their audience and even communicate with all their audiences through direct or comments.
    If you take a look at the comments of these people, you will notice that they respond to each comment, they also have meaningful and complete answers for their audience.
    This shows the high level of interest and communication between the followers and local influencers.
  • The very high engagement rate:
    Local influencers have a higher rate of interaction with their audience than mega and macro-influencers, and sometimes they can respond to many of their comments themselves as you know, a higher engagement rate means that the audience will be more influenced by the advertising posts, although their advertising costs are much lower than in other groups, they have higher efficiency. 
  • People trust local influencers:
    Little influencers usually act as a friend to their followers. New research shows that most people pay more attention to their friends’ suggestions when making various decisions, such as going to a restaurant, traveling, and more.
    In this way, people trust the ads provided by small influencers more than other ads because they think such ads are suggested by a friend.
  • Suitable for different businesses:
    Most local influencers work in a specific field.
    This way you can find local influencers that are active in your business and use them in your virtual network marketing strategy.
    Also, influencers who work only in one specific field are always producing unique and special content. These contents are produced exactly according to the mood of their audience.
    In this way, they can create specific and relevant content for each of your ads and each product that will appeal to their audience. Here’s another point.
    By testing different local influencers, you can find out what content is best for your products and know the mood of your target audience.
  • The advantage over competitors:
    Most businesses underestimate the power of small influencers. In this way, using them is an advantage for you. In addition, most small influencers do not yet have any ads on their page. This way you can be their first sponsor and use many benefits.
    One of the advantages is that these people usually have no background in advertising, and you can give them advice based on your advertising strategies and turn them into your powerful arms in Instagram advertising.
    In this way, you will have an army of creative and influential people.
  • Cost-effective:
    These types of influencers usually do not expect much from brands. Usually, these people are very happy to advertise that product or service for you in exchange for receiving a product or service for free.
    According to statistics, only 44% of small influencers expect financial advertising. So if you are a startup or small business and do not have a large budget, working with small influencers will be the best option for you.
  • Huge community:
    Only 0.3% of Instagram influencers have more than 1 million and about 6% of Instagram activists have between 100,000 and 1 million followers. if you only work with large influencers, you will not be able to use all of Instagram’s capabilities.
    Large-scale micro and Nano-influencers allow you to access a large community that is very effective.
  • Availability:
    These types of influencers are usually more active and you can easily access them at any stage you need them.
  • Geographical location:
    We mentioned earlier that nano-influencers are also called local influencers. So the best option for local brands is to get help from several nano-influencers in the same specific geographical location.
trust local influencers

What should we be careful about in working with local influencers?

  • Traffic:
    If your campaign goal is brand awareness, it is better to think about other options (mega, macro, and micro) than working with nano-influencers.
    Because the exposure of Nano-influencers is limited and may not help your campaign.
  • Experience:
    As you know It is obvious that Nano-influencers do not have enough experience in working with brands as much as their larger counterparts. For example, these types of people may not know how to use hashtags professionally.
    So, define your goals from the beginning and share with them in detail how to run the campaign and its details to avoid further problems.
  • Quality: 
    Just like the previous point, Nano-influencers may not have enough experience in producing content for brands, and if you give it your all, the quality of the content produced for your brand may not be valuable, or even Not following the principles and policy of your brand.

In this case, too, you should talk to the influencer from the beginning about the details of the content, release schedule, implementation, and include it in your contract.

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