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October 29, 2020 3:25 pm

10 Best Free Influencer Marketing Platforms to Grow Your Brand

By Mary H

10 Best Free Influencer Marketing Platforms to Grow your Brand

Influencer marketing has fast become a critical part of digital marketing, and a popular way for brands to showcase products to wider audiences. In fact, 67% of marketers engage with influencers for content promotion, and the majority plan to increase influencer spending. Knowing Influencer marketing platforms is crucial for social media marketers to consider them as effective ways to grow their brand.

Among social media channels, Instagram is the number 1 platform in terms of impact and importance. The photo sharing app boasts a huge audience and is rapidly rising in popularity among casual users and businesses alike.

Now you might consider multiple ways to find Instagram influencers to achieve this main marketing goal but take a pause and pick up the smartest, fastest, and easiest way to grow your brand and make money on Instagram. The influencer marketing platform is one of the best efficient ways to expand your Instagram business results and boost product sales.

What are the influencer marketing platforms?

An influencer marketing platform is an interface that connects brands with influencers for influencer marketing collaboration. Influencer marketing platforms offer a discovery tool for brands and influencers to meet and make deals. It helps brands generate traffic, leads, and sales and let influencers promote brand awareness on their social media accounts

Best influencer marketing platforms to find Instagram influencers

Influencer Marketing Platform: Ainfluencer

Ainfluncer is an ad marketplace that uses AI-powered matching and discovery engine to find the best influencers on Instagram. Brands can search over 700,000 qualified influencers by creating a free marketplace Ad. On the other hand, influencers access the app to browse the marketplace and make offers. Ainfluencer makes Instagram influencer marketing and ads on marketplaces easy and fast.


  • Includes chat offer is a great channel for communication, sharing details, collaborating on content, and publishing brands’ posts.
  • Let’s influencers scan through 1,000s of branded offers and connect all of your influencer accounts in one place.
  • Simplify the workflow to ensure that brands respond quickly and accept deals more often by The built-in offer notifications.
  • Offers secure payments through the app so that you don’t have to chase after deposits or balances on the job.
  • Provides revenue and campaign views stats and withdraw funds whenever you like.


  • Generate more revenue for influencers pages
  • Is available for both iOS and Android
  • One of the best free influencer marketing software
  • Contains a set of  tools that an Instagram influencer needs to make deals with brands
  • Has the most cost-effective marketplace to run Instagram influencer marketing campaigns.

2. Influencer Marketing Platform: Alltop

Alltop is one of the best websites which gathers all top new and popular blogs in one place. It covers various topics as a trusted source beneficial for those who want to find trend posts in their niche. From this content, aggregator brands can get the idea of the most influential blogs on their topics


  • Serves you with topics that are carefully curated and constantly updated
  • Provides important daily news for topics with a mixture of storytelling voice


  • Has an easy to use platform
  • Simplify to keep track of the latest, most recent posts

3. Influencer marketing platform: Social Crawlytics

Social Crawlytics refers to a social media marketing agency to help marketers crawl their competitor’s content website. It would be a great choice for marketers who want to know which posts are the most trend and shared on multiple social media. Fortunately, this influencer marketing platform enables you to search for competitor analysis and behavior on different social platforms.

4. Influencer Marketing Platform:

Influencer marketing is not shortened to social media influencers and blogs. It also shifts into a new content strategy called podcats is a kind of podcast player on the web to help you find the most influential podcasters in your niche. is helpful as it ranks podcasts in different types of search for the category that best fits your niche.


  • New and updated player
  • Stored episode history
  • Fast, powerful podcast and episode search


  • It is a simple, free, and open-source tool
  • Offers experimental new tools and services that can benefit the podcasting ecosystem

5. Influencer Marketing Platform: Webfluential

Webfluential is an influencer marketing software and an influencer marketing agency that can drive awareness, traffic, and sales with influencers. It offers influencer marketing services from small business shops to big brands to make stories with influencers and build their brand self-images. You can browse through thousands of influencers and analyze their analytics, and manage your campaigns.


  • provides deep and comprehensive data on influencer’s audiences and performance
  • Access influencers analytics and engagement stats
  • Offers reports show you which influencers best fit with an audience
  • Let’s you know your progress management


  • It has a 7-days free trial
  • It gives you a clear view of each influencer’s reach and connection.
  • Webfluential gives a wide range of insights.

6. Influencer Marketing Platform: HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor is another best influencer marketing platform used for influencer discovery that analyzes multiple metrics and tracks brand accounts performance. It delivers marketers a report of any Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok account.


  • Competitor analysis
  • Account performance tracking
  • Advanced influencer search filters


  • Free influencer marketing platform for basic features
  • It is a simple and visual user-interface
  • It has multiple integrations

7. Influencer Marketing Platform: Heepsy

Heespy comes with the idea of finding influencers in a second. Within this influencer marketing platform, brands can search 11 million Instagram and Youtube influencers and achieve audience demographics and authenticity analysis. Moreover, it recommends advanced tools for agencies, advertisers, and brands interacting with influencers.


  • Let’s filter the search based on the estimated cost per pos
  • Incudes social listening
  • Offers influencer campaign management


  • Has free trial
  • powerful Influencer search engine
  • Ease of use

8. Influencer Marketing Platform: Similarweb

Similarweb is another useful website that allows you to access app and industry analysis by delivering demographics of clients’ and competitors’ websites, including keyword analysis, and seeing your competitors traffic.


  • It understands the market, competitors, and customers
  • It serves you with practical strategies from the market and your competitors.
  • Discover new opportunities  partners and leads


  • Free to use
  • Generating the industry’s right traffic.
  • Website Analysis

9. Influencer Marketing Platform: TRIBE

tribe is a content-first platform known as an influencer marketing platform to connect brands with creators at higher speed and lower cost. This fastest growing branded content marketplace considered for a variety of business scales. Influencers first consider brand campaigns, then go through content creation; after that, marketers evaluate which content and influencers best fit your campaign.


  • Audience Analysis
  • Influencer Collaboration
  • User-Generated Content management
  • Workflow Capability


  • Influencers get judged on the quality of their content, not the number of followers
  • All brands and influencers are monitored and mediated

10. Influencer Marketing Platform: is a professional influencer market that helps influencers develop their networks, access the latest news and resources, engage with other influencers, and secure collaborations with top brands. Brands can take advantage of authentic human engagement through the community of influencers to build their awareness.


  • Influencer Search and Discovery
  • Relationship Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Influencer Marketplace


  • Recommends ease of navigation when looking for influencers
  • Easy to use platform and user friendly
  • Search for different influencers based on industry, budget, geographies, and niches

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