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January 5, 2021 12:18 pm

Price Suggestions for Offers on Ainfluencer

By Mary H

Price Suggestions for Offers on Ainfluencer

Once brands have connected with an appropriate influencer for their marketing campaign, the next step is making a deal.

Price is one of the most crucial parts of a collaboration deal for both brands and influencers. It can be hard to know where to begin, especially for those new to influencer marketing.

Whatever it is, there is no doubt that brands pick up their appropriate influencers based on multiple metrics and their backgrounds to come up with a reasonable price.

Let’s go with Ainfluencer price suggestion for brands to know how they should charge the influencers.

How to make a Price Suggestion on Ainfluencer?

Like any other Instagram influencer marketing platform, Ainfluencer price calculation is similar to others.

First, not to break market rules and second to gain trust with fixed range prices.

I am wondering to express that Instagram influencers are different in price and value and the reason why it categorizes them is their experience, background, and expertise in their niche.

It might be difficult for brands more for influencers to talk about the fee, but a great media kit can make it easy. Undoubtedly, influencers are the most influential marketers who better know how to express themselves to feel valued and connected. So some factors set them apart from each other such as the Instagram engagement rate they can make and valuable information they can share.

  • Instagram metric estimate an influencer price

Totally, Ainfluencer bots consider the credibility of potential influencers with their audience’s credibility.

The number of followers and average engagement rate that an influencer has made will evaluate an influencer’s efficiency, and finally, the quality score says the real price. Since Ainfluencer works based on artificial intelligence machines, it turns to one of the automated marketplaces to estimate every influencer fee for each Instagram feed post or story.

  • The general approach is between $10-$20 CPM, depending on an Influencer niche, following size, and avg Instagram engagement

Tips impact in an influencer price on Ainfluencer

Formula analysis

Our AD marketplace generates a range for the price, which says 1.5<Max/min<1.7, and calculate a price and build a range per follower.

The formula is constant for influencers followers > 100K

  • Engagement rate is not taken to account but shown in results
  • No price for less than 1k accounts
  • Stories worth 0.4 post
  • Videos worth 1.5 post

Hourly data

  • 1666 unique posts
  • Checked every 30 minutes
  • Many were posts with low feedback
  • No video view was in the data
  • The number of likes are used as the main meter

To sum up, definitely influencer marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies that brands found the only way for their Instagram accounts to organically market their business. The influencers’ level can change this pricing model depending on the type of influencers and number of followers, and their quality of Instagram activities.

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